Welcome to TreeLogga!

Our goal at TreeLogga is to help grow urban trees into community assets.

We want to help you collaborate with like-minded neighbours and your local authorities to plant, maintain and protect your local trees.

We are foraging all the information you need to help with the care and conservation of urban trees.

To get started:

  • View our map of currently logged empty tree pits (#TreeHoles) in Waltham Forest. We’ll send this information to the council and ask them to plant new trees in these locations!
  • If you have some #TreeHoles you’d like to add to our map, it only takes a few minutes to download the TiCL app and log these locations (blog on how to log #TreeHole locations here)
  • View our map of currently logged trees in Waltham Forest (under construction)
  • If you have some trees you’d like to add to our map, please log these locations via the TiCL app (blog on how to log tree locations here)
  • Find out more about TreeLogga click here
  • Read our blog posts on TreeBlogga – Guests contributions are very welcome, please get in touch!


About TreeLogga

The desire and many of the resources are already available to address the problems associated with urban tree conservation. However, TreeLogga believes that many of these challenges need a more direct stewardship of each individual tree, by those who care about it. This requires a member of the public or a group to log an interest so they will be there to help, or ask for help, when it is needed. This is why we want to promote tree stewardship and give our stewards the tools they need to look after their trees over the long-term.

We plan to do this by:

  • Building a database and map where the public can “log” trees of interest and can become long-term stewards of these trees.
  • Increasing awareness about how best to communicate with other stakeholders, such as local authorities and like-minded residents, and how to get involved in caring for urban trees.

Log My Tree

We are now working in collaboration with the TiCL Team to map both empty tree pits (#TreeHoles) and pits that contain trees. For trees, we are also recording their urban lifecycle stage and common species name. Please help us to map #TreeHoles and trees by logging locations near you. In order to map locations, you will need to download the TiCL app and register as a user. More information on this can be found here (#TreeHoles) and here (trees).

We hope to add extra functionality to allow you to sign up as a steward of your favourite trees, but in the meantime please send us a comment via the TiCL App if you would like to become a steward.

By being a #TreeSteward, you would help out with watering the tree (if it has been recently planted and is not yet established) and report any lifecycle changes, as necessary.



This is a beta version of our website, please be patient while we generate a more final version. In the meantime, if you have any suggestions on the website or you would like to get involved in our mission, please feel free to contact us on hcarly132@gmail.com