TreeLogga’s Tree Holes Initiative

One of TreeLogga’s key initiatives is to help fill as many of Waltham Forest’s tree holes as possible with new trees. Waltham Forest Council are committed to replacing any trees that are removed or cut down, where possible (more details of their tree strategy can be found here). However this doesn’t always happen and residents are left wondering why.

With your help, we can send Waltham Forest Council the details of any tree holes and suggest stewards that are prepared to help support these new trees. Please note that this initiative will focus on urban street trees rather than private trees in residents’ gardens.

What are tree holes?

Tree holes are sites where trees have been removed or that have been prepared for trees, but where new trees have not yet been planted.

Who will pay for new trees?

Firstly, Waltham Forest Council has a quota of new trees to fill and we’re approaching planting season, so now is the perfect time to suggest new locations and volunteer to steward new trees. Secondly, there are a number of other schemes available to fund the planting of new trees, such as those run by the Woodland Trust, TFL and the Mayor of London (more details to follow in future blog posts). Isn’t it a shame that we could have even more trees in the borough, in places of our choosing, if people were more aware of the funding sources available?

Which trees will be planted?

Waltham Forest Council have been using the catch phrase, “The right tree in the right place for the right reason.”  By this they mean that they take a lot of things into consideration when planting a tree, including making sure the species is right for the type of soil and the amount of space in that location. This often didn’t happen in the past and has resulted in a legacy of healthy trees put at risk as they come into conflict with their urban environment.

How do I log Tree Holes/Tree Stumps?

If there’s a tree stump or tree hole in Waltham Forest that you’d like to log, please download the TiCL app and search for the headline ‘Tree Holes Initiative’, you can then create tree records adding either #TreeHole or #TreeStumped at the start of the record (see the examples that have already been entered into TiCL). If there are any newly planted trees that died in the recent heatwave, please enter #DeadTree as the hashtag. More specific instructions for mapping Tree Holes are coming soon.

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