Lifecycle of an Urban Tree

We don’t just want you to log tree locations and species, we want you to sign up as a steward for your favourite local tree, to monitor its urban lifecycle and to help water it.

The fields you fill in to log your favourite tree are still being developed so please let us know if you have any suggestions! One of these will be to report the lifecycle stage of your tree. This urban lifecycle has been specifically designed to capture when each tree is vulnerable and to highlight when action needs to be taken by residents or the appropriate authorities. This urban lifecycle is represented above. Each stage is associated with an appropriate Twitter hashtag.

Tree damaged (#TreeInTrouble)

Our ultimate aim is for residents to log a tree through a web app (in development) and record the relevant lifecycle stage for that tree. Residents can then tweet us (@TreeLogga) to let us know if the lifecycle stage of that tree changes. They would also include a recent photo of the tree. We can then update the tree map and notify the appropriate authorities.

Tree recently removed (#Dudewheresmytree?)

You will be given the option to sign up as a steward when you first register a tree. If you select yes, you will receive notifications about your tree and you will be asked to take on some responsibility for the care of that tree and be able to update the information about your tree directly. We hope that tree stewarding will make it easier for residents to get more involved in their urban environment. Tree stewarding should also prevent one resident of a road having to care for all the trees on that road and allow you to work out who else is invested in your favourite tree!

Please let us know if you have any thoughts on our tree urban lifecycle.



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