Log My Tree

We are now working in collaboration with the TiCL Team to map both empty tree pits (#TreeHoles) and pits that contain trees. For trees, we are also recording their urban lifecycle stage and common species name. Please help us to map #TreeHoles and trees by logging locations near you. In order to map locations, you will need to download the TiCL app and register as a user. More information on this can be found here (#TreeHoles) and here (trees).

We hope to add extra functionality to allow you to sign up as a steward of your favourite trees, but in the meantime please send us a comment via the TiCL App if you would like to become a steward.

By being a #TreeSteward, you would help out with watering the tree (if it has been recently planted and is not yet established) and report any lifecycle changes, as necessary.