TiCL App for Mapping Trees

TiCL website map showing trees successfully mapped

This weekend we had a great meeting with one of the founders of TiCL. We are hoping to work with them to log trees in Waltham Forest and to get residents communicating with each other to look after their trees. More on this soon.

To help us log trees, you will need to:

  1. Download ‘TiCL’ for android or iphone
  2. Register your details and activate your account in order to use it
  3. When you open the app, you will see a list of headlines, ordered based proximity to your current location. If you do not have ‘location’ activated on your phone you need to do this now (Note: headlines are the ‘trails’ listed by different users in the app) 
    TiCL App home screen
    Home screen of TiCL App

    If you cannot see ‘Waltham Forest Trees’ at the top of the headlines list, select the search option in the top right corner of the app and search for ‘Waltham Forest Trees’ in the key word field

    'Waltham Forest Trees' results in search tool
    Search for ‘Waltham Forest Trees’
  4. Select ‘Waltham Forest Trees’ from the list by clicking on the title of the record. You will then open up the ‘Headline’ or in our case the record containing all the trees.
  5. Your tree may already exist! Before you add a new tree record, please check the TiCL map via the website link here: https://ticl.me/ (you will need to log in, select ‘Waltham Forest Trees’ and then zoom in on the map)

    TiCL website map showing trees successfully mapped
    TiCL website map showing tree locations
  6. To add a new tree record, you need to be at the tree’s location with your ‘location’ activated on your phone. In the app, select ‘Add Article To The List Below’
  7. In the free text box, please add the lifecycle stage (find more details of this here) and the common species name of the tree, such as Ash or Plum (if you’re not an expert, you can use the Woodland Trust app to work out what species it is. No species prediction app is perfect, so if you are still not convinced that the information you have entered here is right, please send us a comment and some photos so that we can get an expert to confirm. Useful photos would be of the leaves and the branch formations)

    Record of a new tree
    Details recorded in new tree record
  8. Make sure that the ‘Show My Location’ box is ticked and use phone camera to ‘Take Photo’ of your tree. An image of the whole of the tree is best.
  9. Click ‘Submit’
  10. It is a good idea to then select the ‘Map’ button on your tree record to make sure that the app has mapped your tree in the correct location.

And you are done!

Map of individual tree location
Map of tree location

If you would like to make any changes or to comment on an existing tree record, Select the tree from the list in the app and add your comment in the free text box. If you press comment everyone who has a TiCL App login will be able to see your comment. To send a comment only to the user who created the tree record, select ‘Private Reply for Article Author’ before pressing ‘Comment’ (Note: The app will only post records and comments with your first name and the first letter of your surname) 

If you would like to send a comment to us at TreeLogga via the app, please click on the first record (which refers to the Headline rather than an individual tree) and select ‘Private Reply for Article Author’

Adding a comment on a tree record
Updating a tree record

With the help of the TiCL App team, we want to go so much further than simply mapping trees in the borough of Waltham Forest. We’d like to use this app to link your personal tree stories to each tree and to get neighbours talking about tree watering and tree care. If you have a tree story you’d like to share, please get in touch so that we can turn it into a blog post and link it to your tree record!

Also, please let us know if there is any other information you’d like to be captured about your trees!

A final note to say that the TiCL App can be used to log community assets other than trees. More information is available here, or you can contact @TiCLme to discuss using the app for your own project.